Welcome to BnB SoCal

BnB SoCal is a family run farm and event services company tucked away in the hills of Fallbrook, CA. BnB SoCal takes pride in providing the highest quality in private event services, flowers, land management, and produce. Whether it's hosting an event, landscaping a property, or growing plants, BnB SoCal provides a farm-to-table hands-on approach to meeting all of your event and agricultural needs.

BnB SoCal is the mast-head of BnB Mixology and BnB Farms. This unique business is a collaboration of creative and agricultural fusion that provides the following list of unique services.

- Event Consultation

- Personal Event Shopping

- Signature Cocktail Creation

- Fresh Citrus Fruits and Avocados

- Event and Wedding Hosting

- Natural and Organic Growing

- Special to Order Flowers

- Land and Property Management

- Irrigation, Weed Abatement, and Growing

- Indoor and Outdoor Plant Care

Contact us today. Services and consultations are by appointment only. (626) 404-3164